About APPPE/ESAFF Rwanda

The organization operates in 11 districts and 4 provinces in Rwanda. The total number of members is 18,981 of which 7,592 are male and 11,389 are female. 

The organization seeks to defend and to protect the socioeconomic interests as well as the welfare of its members, in particular small scale farmers. APPPE/ESAFF Rwanda also focuses on the vulnerable of society while sensitizing its members about family planning, mainstreaming of Gender in projects and the fight against HIV / AIDS.

These objectives are achieved though the promotion of cultivation of food crops and agricultural production marketing.

Advocacy activities

  • Land use consolidation
  • Creating linkages with likeminded organizations
  • Making agriculture profitable for small scale farmers

APPPE/ESAFF Rwanda and Public Expenditure Tracking Systems (PETs)

APPPE/ESAFF Rwanda conducted PETs training in the two districts of Musanze and Rwamagane where a total of 25 farmers were trained. After the training and subsequent campaign, small scale farmers were sensitized on how National Budgets are produced. The SSFs were encouraged to involve themselves in budget formulation particularly the agriculture budget.  Local leaders were also applauded for their understanding that they need to share information with the small farmers about budgets to ensure accountability. 


Promoting small scale farming while preserving the environment 





Rachel Muyoboke 

General Secretary

Harerimana Florence 


Jean Nsengiyumva